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simple question

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2009-05-03 17:40:49

simple question

Dear sirs, i want to ask you a simple question about your software and internet radio automation.
Now, i am going to tell you what I would need and if your software can satisfy my needs.
I would like to start an internet station and divide my daily programme into ZONES (dance zone, hip hop zone, blues zone etc)
My folders are Renamed to ZONES and each zone (folder) has 1000++ mp3s of each category.
I just want to programme the software to play i.e from 12 to 2...the dance zone (folder), from 2 to 4...the pop zone (folder) etc etc.
Every 5 songs or every 15 minutes i want to programme it to play jingles from my jingles FOLDER, and every Hour i want to programme it to play "the hour" etc
SIMPLE AS THAT! I want this scedule to run FOREVER, everyday the same (in random ..so my listeners wont be hearing the same songs everyday :)
Oh, and everytime i want to go LIVE...to be able to do and then go back to my "everyday"scedule.
I mentioned above the ZONES as FOLDERS because i want to scedule NOT a simple song from a folder, but THE WHOLE FOLDER to play in random and then the Other folder in random and so on.
I think i didnt see any settings to do that on the demo.
Please help me
thanx in advance

Bill Spry

2009-05-04 17:11:58

Re: simple question


Raduga will do all of this, no problem. You can write me directly for support at bspry@raduga.net

-Bill Spry

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