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Raduga error

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2009-06-25 20:14:58

Raduga error

Hi. When trying to play any sound і have "unidentified error" and silence :(

But jingles are playable.
v. 3.8


2009-06-26 12:44:05

Re: Raduga error

I had the same error when trying to play a file format that Raduga does dot recognise. Do these files play ok with Win Media Player?

I also go this when trying to play a live stream, also which Raduga doesn't support.

chris burnat

2009-06-27 11:39:34

Re: Raduga error

Harddriver. It would be useful if you could provide details about the files you are trying to replay unsuccesfully.

What is the type of the sound (files) you are trying to replay? And what is the format of the jingles replaying OK for you?


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