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Moving Raduga - Switching Computers

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Joe b

2009-07-14 04:25:52

Moving Raduga - Switching Computers

HI Bill Spry, Wolfgang Loch and Friends,

We're going to be switching computers and need your help.

We're switching out an Athlon computer for a Quad Core system with 1 terabyte of memory. We have a dongle key and Raduga version 3.9.1.

Where can we go to download the software? Also, will our dongle key be compatible with the new Intel Processors?

Thanks for your help!... Raduga has been a joy! NO CRASHES using Raduga... but my friends using ENCO DAd and other automation systems have not had the success we have had!!!!

Bill Spry

2009-07-18 02:10:26

Re: Moving Raduga - Switching Computers

Should be no problem with your new system. Email me for the download link. While Raduga will work with Vista, I recommend XP over Vista.

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