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raduga clock

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Jack Thomas WCTP Chrictian Radio 88.5

2009-09-07 02:59:20

raduga clock

Here's one for you!
One of our volunteers was on the telephone and suddenly realized that there has been nothing on the air for 15 minutes. She starts clicking
around and punching keys to get back on. Sound familiar?
Now the Raduga clock that was in the bottom right corner is compressed and stretched out, a half inch high, between the bottom tool bar and pointer that shows how much has been played and what's left.
Anyone got a suggestion to to fix this?
Jack Thomas Ops Mgr.
WCTP Radio

Bob McNally

2009-09-07 11:32:14

Re: raduga clock

You need to drag the border lines around the clock to get the clock back to its original/suitable size.


Jack Thomas Christian Radio 88.5

2009-09-12 01:04:15

Re: raduga clock

Thanks Bob...That took care of it!

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