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Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2002-04-14 01:30:00


Does anyone think it would be really good to have a built in recorder on Raduga? It would make much ease for purposes such as voice tracking, and phone recording!


Florida Public Radio

2002-05-20 16:51:47

Re: Recorder

It's just as easy to use TotalRecorder, and it is unbelievabley cheap. ($13.00 US)


2002-06-09 16:47:17

Re: Recorder

Just be VERY careful of "Total Recorder" when using in conjunction with Raduga. Total recorder, with certain settings, can do some strange things to Radugs. I have personally experienced this, as have some others. I think a much better choice of a recorder is the one incorporated into "Cool Edit 2000." Cool Edit 2000 is a bit more expensive than Total Recorder but worth every penny of it. It allows you(Cool Edit 2000) all kinds of editing functions, special effects, etc., something you really need if you are seriously into audio production and programming. It is a great and versatile program that is amazingly cheap considering all it will do. I have NEVER had a single conflict with Raduga while using Cool Edit 2000.

Florida Public Radio

2002-06-09 23:37:18

Re: Total ecorder

Marv; the whole purpose for TotalRecorder is its ability to record wav files (mp3 if you like) via its onboard scheduler.

Some of us record satellite programs and have Raduga air them later.

We use both Cool Edit and Fast Edit for the hands-on making of wave files.

Before we switched to Win2k, we had those Raduga/TotalRecorder troubles too. Raduga, on some machines, would not work with TotalRecorder's player software.

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