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hot key for station ID???

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Jack Thomas WCTP Radio

2009-09-19 02:31:34

hot key for station ID???

The other day I was trying to hit a #1 on the key board and pushed something in the vicinity that brought-up a station ID over the music. It played and then the ID dropped out. Is there a hot key that does that? Sounds like something that would be handy to radio operators.
Jack Thomas WCTP Christian Radio 88.5

Bob McNally

2009-09-19 07:53:22

Re: hot key for station ID???

Correct! They are called hot keys and can be set up on keys 1-9 with jingles that can be played.
More info at http://www.wolosoft.com/en/raduga/help/howto_jingles.html

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