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Title and Artist

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2009-09-24 21:35:28

Title and Artist

I downloaded the 3.9 demo to try it out. How can I get the title and artist info to stream. I'm using Shoutcast. I don't want to buy this if I can't test it out. Thanks

Bill Spry

2009-09-26 14:55:18

Re: Title and Artist

We have an add-in that can be used which is free to registered users.

You can order Raduga here



2009-09-26 21:33:51

Re: Title and Artist

Free To "Registered" users?
I don't want to buy the program until I'm sure this is exactly what I want. So...To use the Plug in I have to buy the software? Can't I test it on the demo?
From what i've been able to test, I do like the program. It's much easier and less complicated to use compaired to other programs i've tried.

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