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Interupting Raduga

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Chuck Conrad

2002-04-15 10:15:30

Interupting Raduga

Short of having to design a program with the SDK kit, is it posible to have an external source interupt the playlist to take a live event? I know I can do this externally with a relay on the audio output, but that sounds pretty crude. Has somebody written such a routine?

This feature would be handy to have so you could take over programming by remote control using DTMF tones or other cue tones. For instance, you could use a cell phone to do "cheap and dirty" remotes, or it could be used with a weather radio to interupt programming in case of an alert situation.

There are some external boxes on the market that do this by inserting them in the audio chain, but I think it could be accomplished with a dry contact relay on the game port of the computer.

Any ideas?

Wolfgang Loch

2002-04-15 11:57:14

Re: Interupting Raduga

You could interrupt Raduga with any device that emulates the key "S" on the keyboard or joystick button no. 2. To continue, emulate key "P" or "N" or joystick button 1 or 3 respectively.


2002-06-30 14:46:24


quisiera que la proxima version de raduga traiga un cue, para escuchar los temas antes de que salgan al aire, osea selecionando otra targeta de sonido para esto, me pareceria que seria mejor asi ya que puedes hacer mezclas mas cool. gracias.


2011-03-21 15:01:29

Re: Interupting Raduga


i've been wondering if the developer version of raduga would allow me to work with the joystick port since we need it (reprograming it)


joe b

2011-03-28 13:33:20

Re: Interupting Raduga

You can simply stop and then start raduga again while at a remote location by using gotomypc.com


2011-03-28 14:16:12

Re: Interupting Raduga

hello, is it possible to install a Raduga resaeux take a live show via a remote machine?

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