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Stephan Kent

2009-10-28 12:31:51

Live Instances

Ok so the question has been raised b4, ive downloaded the manual which doesnt appear to work anymore - I have a scenario.

I want to stop Raduga at say 0900 and feed a live news bulletin and then return to automated mode after the bulletin. How can i set this up. THEN at 0930 I have to schedule a cross to another source using Tie line connection which lasts 3 minutes - how can i set this up without any outside intervention.

If i had a sound card with 2 inputs is there a way to tell Raduga about this?

I do hope some one can get me sorted with this problem.


Bill Spry

2009-10-28 14:23:45

Re: Live Instances

1. Get a mixer and feed its line out to the line in of your sound card.
2. Take the line output of the source of your news bulletin audio and feed one of the line inputs on your mixer.
3. Take the Tieline audio output and feed it to a second line in on your mixer.

To schedule live feeds use the LIVE function.
To schedule a 3 minute live feed, set up a scheduled event. Instead of inserting a filename insert 180.LIVE. This tells Raduga to stop the playlist at the end of the song that is currently playing and then open the line input for 180 seconds (3 minutes). If you want the song that is currently playing to be interrupted so that the live feed can play ontime, then make sure you tick the box "Run Immediately". Once the live event completes the playlist will resume.

Just leave the 2 mixer pots turned up all of the time so that the audio will be available from each source.

Pete Chapman

2010-02-13 17:43:07

Re: Live Instances

Just one problem I can see with this scenario, it means both channels on the mixer are feeding the line in on the sound card.

If like most news services they feed either a tone, beep, or audio down the line during the hour, you may find this problematic at 00:30.


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