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the search bar moving but no sound??

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Pete Chapman

2009-11-01 17:13:11

the search bar moving but no sound??

Im useing the Easy CD-DA Extractor for my 320kbps Mp3s is this the issue?
Others playes have no problem with the files...

thanks for your advise


Wolfgang Loch

2009-11-03 21:37:18

Re: the search bar moving but no sound??

This problem may arise if your files do not strictly conform to the MPEG specification, such as those produced by old versions of the LAME encoder. Are you using the latest version Easy CD-DA Extractor?

See also

Pete Chapman

2010-02-13 17:44:44

Re: the search bar moving but no sound??

Getting the updated version of my ripper solved the issue...


2010-06-05 06:10:19

Re: the search bar moving but no sound??

Internet streams rarely exceed 128kbps, which at that rate would gobble up bandwidth.
Digital radio broadcast at around 192kbps
FM Radio around 90 and AM radio some 48.
So ripping above 192 (the recommended rate for Raduga) is pointless.
The best method is to duplicate tracks keeping high end rips for personal listening and lower rips (192 or less) for streaming or broadcasting.

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