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Licensing and Sale

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Alan Jackson

2002-04-16 10:17:35

Licensing and Sale

Can you send me a copy of the software licence.

Can you aslo tell me if it is legal for someone who owns a copy to tranfer theirs to another user.

If someone buys this how can they be sure it is legit and they are not breaking any laws

Wolfgang Loch

2002-04-24 13:23:04

Re: Licensing and Sale

Please check this page for a complete list of Raduga distributors. If you bought a copy from someone else, please inform me or Mr. Spry.


It is possible to transfer a Raduga license to another company. In this case the previous user must sign a commitment to delete all copies of the software. The new user will get a new personalized license key from us.

The name and company of the license owner is shown in Raduga on the Help|About Raduga page. We have a database of all legal Raduga licenses. If you are not sure if your copy is legal, send us the information that you see there for verification.

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