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full automation

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2010-01-28 23:11:24

full automation

Good day! Im new here here and I dont have the time to test Raduga yet. Can raduga automatically play once my cpu is turned on without me clicking the play button and with a different set of playlist daily?

Wolfgang Loch

2010-01-29 20:26:18

Re: full automation

Yes, you can create a Raduga shortcut in the Startup progrm group and configure Raduga to play automatically on startup.

In addition you may want to configure your computer so that you are automatically logged on.


2010-01-30 05:48:22

Re: full automation

Thanks for the swift reply.
But with that playlist, can it automatically include new music or plugs that i will add thru the cd's it will rip? I want to refresh that playlist from time to time. Can raduga do that Sir?

Bill Spry

2010-01-30 14:08:17

Re: full automation

Raduga most certainly can refresh if you set it up correctly, by opening up new playlists automatically or by shuffling your present playlist. There are many many things that Raduga can do. You may purchase at http://raduga.net

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