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someone help here

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2010-02-19 22:36:02

someone help here

i need some help here Mr spry or Mr wolfgang my database song are ~ with raduga batch overlap and i want to use an Rds so my songs are taged with this ~ so i can see the name of the song on the radio with this tilda i need some help , how do i remove the all ~ from my songs database.


2010-03-01 08:44:42

Re: someone help here

where are u no 1 here.wake up replie


2010-03-01 08:57:55

Re: someone help here

i will help you

have you tag all your songs?


2010-03-01 21:10:19

Re: someone help here

yes sir g.kamsteeg please help me i dont need anymore these tilda ~ from my songs because i trim them all with mptrim


2010-03-01 21:25:26

Re: someone help here

download mp3tag (search google)

try it on 10 tracks or make a backup of your database

load these file into mp3tag
when you done this you see at the left you're files with the ~tag

select all files
and select than convert in the upper menu

you get than many things

select: tag - file

now the program wil replace the file with the name/title of the artist.


abba - gimme gimme gimme~2.03

wil be now:

abba - gimme gimme gimme

try it

be sure you have a back up!!!!!!!!

gr gerrit from holland


2010-03-02 10:30:28

Re: someone help here

Thanks sir g.kamsteeg i will give it a try :)

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