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Radio Show for your station(s)

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2010-09-22 01:50:19

Radio Show for your station(s)

I want to introduce to you a show that I currently host live titled, “Retro Saturday Night”.
RSN is a fast paced, upbeat live request show that features music from the 70s, 80s and 90's with a "Hot Hits" style delivery.
Currently, RSN starts live at 8pm and runs till 11p Eastern, and is streamed on the internet via retrosaturdaynight.com
RSN consistently measures our audience and I'm proud to say our following is growing!
This year alone, we have been invited to broadcast RSN live in Ocean City NJ for the Night in Venice Boat Parade and the Classic Car Show. I'm also proud to say that we will be broadcasting live October 23rd from Key West Florida for the second straight year!
Currently, we our looking for our first broadcast outlet.
We would provide you direct access to the RSN program via the internet using Barix encoders / decoders.
We can also provide contact closures for start of show, TOH and go-to-spots.
And...we would not charge a fee or barter for RSN. The only costs to you is for your station to have high-speed access to the internet; in most cases a high-speed cable modem would work just fine.
Have we peaked your interest? If so, please take a listen to Retro Saturday Night this weekend via your pc @ Retrosaturdaynight.com from 8p to 11p Eastern.
Then feel free to reach out to me, Mick@RetroSaturdayNight.com or our Executive Producer,
Tony Gervasi @ Tony@RetroSaturdayNight.com; we'll be more than happy to walk you thru the logistics to getting RSN on your station

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