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Going Live On The internet

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Mike H.

2002-05-08 07:27:16

Going Live On The internet

We're starting an internet radio station, we are already broadcasting via raduga but what device do I need to connect my mixer board w/my microphone and tape and cd players to my computer while still using raduga. Sorry if it's a stupid question this is new to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Wolfgang Loch

2002-05-10 11:52:04

Re: Going Live On The internet

I would connect the microphone, tape decks and external CD players to the mixer board and connect the output to the line-in channel of the sound card. Use the Windows mixer to balance the volume with the Wave mixer line.

If you also want to re-broadcast satellite feed (e.g. for news), you will need a sound card with 2 or more line-in channels.

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