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Windows 7 may be flawed

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2010-11-01 00:55:22

Windows 7 may be flawed

We use Windows XP for all our processing. Recently, we had to buy another computer and chose the XP PRO operating system.

I believe based on the flaws with Vista that Windows 7 is garbage too.

Microsoft touted how wonderful VISTA was and we all know it is a disaster. They're saying the exact same thing about Windows 7.

My advice - Stick with Windows XP - It works perfectly with Raduga, Microsoft Office, Quick Books etc. Why take a chance with an unknown program?

Each person that switched to Vista spent hundreds of hours gaining full knowledge of the program and what happened? Everyone had to switch back to XP or take a chance on Windows 7

Chuck Conrad

2010-11-03 03:55:22

Re: Windows 7 may be flawed

The only computer I've ever returned to a store was one running Vista. It simply refused to work within my expectations. The store was good-natured about it and acknowledged that Vista was a huge headache for them.

I've heard much better reports about Windows 7. I don't own anything with it, but I have used a couple of computers with 7 installed. They seemed fine.

joe b

2010-11-28 18:25:10

Re: Windows 7 may be flawed

I believe WIndows 7 does have some serious problems and will never usurp Windows XP as Microsoft's best operating system.

Windows 7 is comparable to the "tragic" Windows ME and Windows Vista.

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