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HELP! Fades question.

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Joe B

2010-11-28 18:16:02

HELP! Fades question.

would like to schedule a long fade for anything that precedes a half hour program.

We're normally a music station but run half hour sermons on our station . Becuase our normal fade out is 1 second for songs, it seems like their cutting out too quickly for the beginningof a program.

If I name a half hour show like this would it give me a gentle ending for the song and would the show fade in - we want to come in at full volume


Also would it affect the end of the program so that it would fade out over five seconds? We don't want this to happend but would rather it just end at full volume.

thansk for yyour help ! josh

Wolfgang Loch

2010-11-28 20:28:33

Re: HELP! Fades question.

The tilde denotes the duration of the fade after the track. Therefore if you want to fade out the into before the show, rename it to intro~5.mp3. The show will start at full volume, in fact Raduga will never fade it, it can only fade out, because that sounds better most of the times.
If you don't want the show to fade out, then rename it to show~0.mp3.

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