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Raduga locked up

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2011-02-27 07:29:43

Raduga locked up

Hi Wolfgang,

We are having an unusual problem.

A few times as of late, our Raduga automation system locked while running. What we actually see is the player box turn blank. We can see everything except the main player box just turns blank and nothing plays.

I thought it was a problem with the Dongle Key and I ordered a new key from Bill Spry. We have since plugged in the new dongle key and have experienced the problem within the first couple of weeks of installation.

During the time while we were waiting for a new dongle key and using a temporary license number (while our old dongle key was being shipped enroute to Bill's address) we did not experience any lockups.

I am wondering if we should just use a license number and remove the dongle key to see if the issue clears up.

Is it possible it could be a video card issue though we don't have the probleem with any other software - To try to avert such a problem I now minimize Raduga while it is running.

We do use an automatic backup drive. Have you heard of any issues with that?

Is it possible that our version of Raduga 3.91 may have issues with the latest packs of Windows XP?

Your help is appreciated. Joe B

joe b

2011-02-27 08:05:32

Re: Raduga locked up

i should mention that when i am referring to the "player box" I actually am referring to the "Master Playlist box"

Appreciate your help! joe

Wolfgang Loch

2011-02-27 20:51:46

Re: Raduga locked up

Really unusual. I've never seen this problem myself or even heard of.

Did you always have this problem from the beginning or is it something that startet just recently? Is the master playlist blank when you start Raduga or does it happen after hours or days of use? Can you try if it also happens when you use a differnt computer?

joe b

2011-02-28 04:06:08

Re: Raduga locked up

HI Wolfgang,

It started happening more recently. We thought it was the dongle key and ordered a new one from Bill Spry.

I am wondering if it could be the dongle key because sometime ago it happened and we received an error relating to the dongle key (while we were using the old key).

Does the automation system periodically check to make sure there is adongle key plugged it. Or could there be a surge on the USB port at times that will indicate to the raduga that there is no dongle key.

Bill mentioned we should reload windows which we plan to do, but i'm also thinking we should try it without the dongle installed and just using a serial number. I remember we had a valid serial number license # a long time ago when we had Raduga installed on another computerbut hat computer crashed a long time ago and we just plugged in the dongle key. Would you happen to remember our original license #?

thanks for all your help! joe

Wolfgang Loch

2011-02-28 21:06:53

Re: Raduga locked up

Yes, Raduga checks periodically if the dongle is still present. There may theoretically be conficts between different USB devices.

If it works better for you without the dongle, Bill can give you a license number for online activation. However, in this case you can't simply move the license from one system to another.


2011-03-03 14:36:57

Re: Raduga locked up

Dear Wolfgang,

We dug up our old computer that was the original computer with Raduga installed on it, but can't find the license number. Raduga starts automatically without a dongle.

Please help us in finding the license number to present to Bill.

I believe the problem is as you suggest. We are utilizing 3 USB ports for various reasons including the dongle key. We never had the problem utilizing the other computer because the license was attached to the system even though a dongle was also connected.

What we need to do is to move the license number to the computer actually running Raduga for broadcast purposes. The other computer is normally sitting in storage and is intended to be used for parts.

Thnaks for your help! joe

Wolfgang Loch

2011-03-03 19:49:26

Re: Raduga locked up

You can find the company name and contact person who licensed your copy of Raduga in the Help/About Raduga dialog. Given this information Bill can look up your license key.

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