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sending title to web site

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2011-03-15 17:25:57

sending title to web site

Hi everyone,

I've been working a long time to enable raduga send a title on my web site.
Most of you probably use the ftpupload plugin (javascript) inside the "addin" directory. This is what I used to do until i discovered that a network problem can lead to a problem:
If the network is not available for any reason while raduga is running its system, this may cause critical slowdown of raduga and finally lead to serious crash of this uncrashable software.

This happened 2 times while we were broadcasting.
my boss decided it couldn't happen again.

So here's what we did to make available the upload of title to our website:

first we use raduga to generate the title of the song in a local text file (currentsong.txt). this will work, whatever happens with network.

after that I've programmed a java small program to send every 10 seconds a url http request (post) to a php page I have on my website. this PHP page will generate a XML file.
I will eventually parse the XML file on a flash/actionscript player I programmed myself also.

for details, you can Email me at technique@radiobonheur.com


2011-03-23 15:38:54

Re: sending title to web site

of course, you can use a ftp programmable software to upload, but every software I've used are not working when you upload in very shorts periods. (10 seconds or so)

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