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reasign joystick port triggers

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2011-03-17 15:33:17

reasign joystick port triggers

Hi everyone,
I need to use the joystick for another purpose than what it was made for.

how can I make a script that will trigger some action when , for example, button 4 in pressed ?

Wolfgang Loch

2011-03-21 20:48:25

Re: reasign joystick port triggers

Raduga includes an ActiveX control that fires events when a joystick button is pressed. Are you familiar with a development platform that supports ActiveX controls? In this case you can subscribe to the ButtonDown or ButtonUp event and execute some code. Both events provide the button number as parameter.

Please contact me by e-mail for details, because this kind of programming support is beyond the common usage of Raduga.

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