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Raduga locking up

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2011-06-15 00:06:40

Raduga locking up

Dear Wolfgang,

Would it be possible for you to disable the periodic dongle check feature on our raduga automation system?

We have seen the system lock up and receieved an error code - I can't remember exactly what it was but I recall it being something related to only raduga.

We do have our data being constantly backed up on an external drive and I can't see the possibility of that conflicting with raduga though we are running a quad system so it is very fast normally speaking.

Could you give me specifics as to when it checks to ensure the dongle is installed. Is it set to check on a particular day? My last problem occurred last Friday Night. Does it check based on the number of hours or days it's been operation or does it check a particular time and day?

Thanks! Joe Burke

Wolfgang Loch

2011-06-15 22:53:00

Re: Raduga locking up

The dongle is checked every 60 seconds.

You can ask your Raduga distributor for a 10-day license for online activation. Then you can test Raduga for 10 days without a dongle to see if that solves the problem.


2011-06-16 03:47:50

Re: Raduga locking up

Great to hear from you!

We know that there is a communication problem as I have received error codes - specifically mentioning the dongle key or license in the past.

There is a lot going on with our system as the system is constantly reaching out to a USB to conduct automatic back-ups. Additionally we're sending out audio, receiving audio clips (in the background) using Radio Spiders/FTP.

In all honesty and with due respect to you,it isn't necessary to have the system constantly check to make sure the dongle key is attached. This is a good, low cost autmoation system. If someone wanted to operate an automation program illegally I believe they would choose Wide Orbit, NexGen, Google, Smarts, Enco, or any toher high priced system.

I believe the problem with Raduga and the dongle key is incumbent upon the very fact that you are sending a message out to the USB on a frequent basis and that there is no opportunity for error in communication.

The code should be written as follows in my opinion. You need a subroutine separate from the main program that will not cause the main Raudga program to lock up in the event there is a miscommunication problem. Next the check should not be performed more than once a week.

If the program suspects the dongle key is not connected, it should do nothing but check once again in 60 seconds and then again three more times. If over a 5 minute period (5x) it cannot communicate with the dongle key then you can shut down the program.

Once it is verifed the Raduga program is operational it checks once again sometime the next week.

Sincerely, Joe Burke

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