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line in

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2011-10-22 21:45:58

line in

how do i scheduale line in exemple external tv program to line in mixer sound card interrupting raduga main playlist at specified time and at another time return to main playlist and continue playing .thanks plz help


2011-10-23 02:47:43

Re: line in

Adel, Check the help files, or
Go: http://burnat.com/script/
Get yourself the manual and check live event on page 31. To setup the line-in, go to page 13.

There is also a short howto which may be of interest.

Finally, note that at the moment, line-in function does not work on Windows 7 - you have to use XP.


2011-10-23 10:00:24

Re: line in

thanks adel i have xp sp3


2011-10-23 10:18:35

Re: line in

Oops, for some reason, my answer went out in the name of Adel. Never mind. If you have XP3, it will be fine. Enjoy!


2011-10-23 19:27:52

Re: line in

lol thanks chris btw i saw adel in other post hehe :) nice to help thanks

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