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Success with Raduga

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2011-11-20 06:04:09

Success with Raduga

Wew run a lot of local pastor sermons on Sundays and for sometime had difficulty with transitioning from the Sermon to the next sermon if the sermon ran short. We used the play immediate function atthe time of the hour and it troubled me cutting off the middle of the song.

We developed what has been a great fix. Instead of using the immediate function, we start running 30 and 60 spots at 56 minute past the hour (using the album function). We schedule the sermon to start as an example at 9:59:28. The sermon will then start anytime between 9:59:28 - 10:00:28. We then scheudle our normal Raduga Album with songs to play should a sermon run partiularly short of the hour and then at 56 past the hour we restart the talk spots.

Our radio stations have never sounded better.

We also have jocks do their live shows without any problem.

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