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3.9.6 Bugs

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2012-02-02 09:39:52

3.9.6 Bugs

Hello raduga forum members,

raduga 3.9.6 have a bug, the time countdown is faster than the song is playing also is the time song ~ not responding as it sold be. Annyone this problem?


raduga fan!


2012-02-08 15:34:34

Re: 3.9.6 Bugs

problem solved.

But maybe I know why you are confused. For example, you have a song that is 3 minutes long and has fade point at 10 seconds before the end (song~10.mp3). In previous Raduga versions, the "Time remaining" counter would count down from 3:00 to 0:10 before fading to the next song. But Raduga 3.9.x will count down from 2:50 to 0:00, i.e. it always counts down to the fade point.

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