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Raduga/Windows Media Player

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2012-02-27 00:41:13

Raduga/Windows Media Player


I apoligize for my ignorance, but my dad had a stroke recently and cannot run his radio station. I am not the most technical person in the universe and I dont understand what I am doing wrong with it.

My dad has his station set up that Raduga has the events scheduled and the actual broadcast comes out of Windows Media Player. It was broadcasting fine until we had a power outage and I dont know how to set it up again. The manual said Raduga is compatiable with Windows but it doesnt tell you how to set it up. That is my only problem because the system works like a dream otherwise.

Thank You,



2012-02-27 00:49:23

Re: Raduga/Windows Media Player

You need to tell us more about what is not working... Which manual are you using?


2012-02-27 12:40:44

Re: Raduga/Windows Media Player


I am using the one that was posted on the Raduga web page. I could not find the hard copy in my dad's office and he probably didnt keep it.

The actual Raduga schedule is working and hasnt stopped. But when I try to set up a broadcast with Raduga on Windows Media Player it broadcasts nothing. I am sorry, I am not very technical. It like it wont even give me an option to broadcast from Raduga.


2012-02-27 23:15:58

Re: Raduga/Windows Media Player

As far as I can tell, there is nothing wrong with Raduga - playing the schedule is what it is designed to do. You problem is with the Internet streaming side of things, what you refer to as "Windows Media Player". Not being in front of the PC makes it difficult trouble shooting your problem. Do you know anyone locally with knowledge in this field?


2012-02-28 00:02:58

Re: Raduga/Windows Media Player

Further to my reply above (anonymous, do you know if your father was treaming from his own PC or from a provider?

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