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Peter White

2012-05-24 11:28:06


Hi does anyone know how to input remote broadcast via a phone connected to a second soundcard as our data streaming is not workable.. so we only have a phone with dtmf to acess and controll the system... This would be also useful as an interupt to a playlist to put on air emergency notifications.. Have been doing this for years with ham radio but cant find any means with community radio as yet..


2012-05-24 12:10:07


as i understand ure question u need to feed from an external source by pausing the playlist at certain time and continue if this is ure situation try using third party software glue with raduga ronarnews i think this utilitie will do the jb but dnt ask me how i didnt test it but only reading about maybe bill spry or wolfgong will help u more
regards .

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