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Tony Graham

2013-07-06 03:17:22

Wish List

Would be good to have student version of Raduga. Our community radio station already has 3 full Raduga licences but we need more for presenter training. With this many licences I think we should qualify for student licence concessions.
Hiding and locking the explorer panel in Raduga would help stop radio presenters from fooling around with the computer and causing problems. The ability to lock libraries and playlists would be great also. Another helpful thing would be the ability to configure the play button so that it always defaults to the schedule when it is ready to play before returning to the playlist. Once setting up the Raduga panel with the buttons and positions of the interface it would be great if it could then be locked to prevent accidental changes to it

Tony Graham

2015-10-22 13:55:17

Re: Wish List

Check out my latest post re x-keys. Problems solved. Explorer panel can be defaulted to a blank panel by creating an empty folder on a data drive or c drive, going to Options, Music Folder and selecting the folder with nothing in it.

Student versions of Raduga would be good

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