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Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Roy van Arem

2013-11-11 21:53:35



I use Raduga 3.11 (I bought a license several years ago) and after upgrading to win 8.1 I have to re-enter the license key every single time I start Raduga. Any solution?

Roy van Arem

2013-11-15 21:38:14

Re: License

Tried re-installing raduga with no avail....

Wolfgang Loch

2013-11-18 20:55:58

Re: License

Try to run Raduga as Administrator once and enter the license key.

Roy van Arem

2013-11-19 01:04:19

Re: License

Nope, this did not do the job. It was running fine on windows 8, but after updating to 8.1 it failed. License key has to be entered every single time and some settings, like silence detection are reset as well.

Ed Hale

2013-11-19 02:21:50

Re: License

I purchase 2 license for the unverisal radio in 2008. Lost the keys and had computer to crash and now they say I have to buy new software.
These people are crooks. Don't do business with them.

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