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Viewing track lengths

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Ken Troy

2013-12-13 18:29:08

Viewing track lengths

Is there any way to see the track lengths on the master playlist screen on this program? All the the examples I have seen only shows the track number and names. It would be very helpful to see the length of each track. Please let me know if and how this can be done.



2013-12-14 18:35:58

Re: Viewing track lengths

on last version 3.8.1 and above you can press L buttom y can see only the all playlist lenght and this can be while playing on air

Ken Troy

2013-12-14 18:46:04

Re: Viewing track lengths

I don't understand. I tried pressing the L on the keyboard and the message I get is " the system cannot find the file specified". If I use the "Playlist" button at the top, I still get the same message. I need to be able to see each INDIVIDUAL track length that show in the Master Playlist section. Is this possible? Or maybe I am not understanding your instructions properly. Please advise.

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my question.

Ken Troy

2013-12-15 01:09:58

Re: Viewing track lengths

Is there any way to level the output sound from each track so that each track plays at the same volume?

Wolfgang Loch

2013-12-15 22:21:00

Re: Viewing track lengths

You can use a compressor plug-in for Raduga to get a uniform and more powerful sound. I recommend the Raduga AGC plug-in.

Ken Troy

2013-12-16 01:16:19

Re: Viewing track lengths

Thank you very much for your answers. You have been very helpful.

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