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raduga 3.9 for windows 8 ?

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2013-12-20 12:36:14

raduga 3.9 for windows 8 ?

raduga works on windows 8 ?

Wolfgang Loch

2013-12-23 13:28:30

Re: raduga 3.9 for windows 8 ?


erik van tilborg

2014-01-15 20:15:47

Re: raduga 3.9 for windows 8 ?

I have installeer raduga on a Windows 8 pc. IT plays the tracks the same as my raduga 3.5. Only the network drives are not shown in te raduga explorer.
Only the C drive is shown, the music drives M and N are not.

In the window explorer the drives are visible.

Wolfgang Loch

2014-01-16 22:00:51

Re: raduga 3.9 for windows 8 ?

Erik, did you try to re-start Raduga after assigning a drive letter to the Network Folder?

Are you using Raduga 3.9 or 3.9.6?

erik van tilborg

2014-01-19 17:11:18

Re: raduga 3.9 for windows 8 ?

The problem is solved. I had to map the network drive's in the raduga explorer also.
Nouw I can see te drive's in raduga and also in adder older programs.

okie eko wardoyo

2014-03-30 03:10:14

Re: raduga 3.9 for windows 8 ?

i'm using 3.9.6 trial on windows 8.1 64 bit,
when i play a video (.dat, mpg, avi), the video player window closed immediately, , ,but the sound still played.

Andi Harahab

2014-04-01 02:17:17

Re: raduga 3.9 for windows 8 ?

i'm trying 3.9.7, nice player for radio,
when i play video its like normal,
but let's play 5 videos in play list, then slide the slider to the end, waiting couple of seconds, video player will end and play next video, wow, the next video close immediately,,,

Wolfgang Loch

2014-04-01 20:44:40

Re: raduga 3.9 for windows 8 ?

Hi Andi, if you want to use Raduga for Video, please set the overlap time between tracks to 0.


2014-08-15 07:28:29

Re: raduga 3.9 for windows 8 ?

Hello, In the version of raduga 3.8, you can add the command ~ to the tracks but when they are in the plailist you dont see the overlap point ~, quality that is very convenient when you transmitting the titles to the internet, but in the newest versions of raduga the command ~ is displayed, this is a problem because the listeners can see in the end of the name of the track . Example: Grouplove - Let Me In ~1.8), anyone knows how can I fix that, how can i hide the comand ~?

Lux the Beautifull

2014-09-03 14:15:33

Re: raduga 3.9 for windows 8 ?

I have same problem,
my video close immediately when i have some videos on my playlist,

setting overlap to 0 it not good solution

Cor Houtjes

2014-09-06 13:23:01

Re: raduga 3.9 for windows 8 ?

Hello Willy,

You can simply hide the ~sign in your now playing script on the internet using an explode() function in php.
it reads the nowplaying.txt and cut of everything starting with the ~.

anyone knowing php can write similar snippet for you

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