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Editing and emailing playlist

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Dr Dr Thayer

2014-12-26 17:03:23

Editing and emailing playlist

How can we at WZPH edit the playlist?

Our problem is that when I send the playlist to my Program Director for editing and when she sends the edited one back, I cannot open it.

Raduga won't accept any list anymore. It's "dangerous" to edit on air.

Wolfgang Loch

2014-12-27 17:01:19

Re: Editing and emailing playlist

How does she edit the playlist? Is she using Raduga or another program for that?
Maybe if you forward me a copy of such an E-Mail I may be able to tell what's going on.

Dr Thayer

2015-04-20 00:51:06

Re: Editing and emailing playlist

We/she edits with Raduga. Then she saves and attaches it to an email.

Dr Thayer
(813) 948-3629

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