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Playing a Live Stream in Raduga

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2015-01-05 21:27:23

Playing a Live Stream in Raduga

Is it possible to play a live stream from within Raduga now? I don't mean to download a podcast, but to actually schedule the stream to be played at a certain time. The station uses Raduga we are hoping to connect the stream to and we are not sure if this option is available. If it is not available, is there any other method you could suggest in Raduga? Thanks


2015-02-02 06:16:55

Re: Playing a Live Stream in Raduga

Yes, it is possible. I have figured out how to do it in Raduga. I had to create batch files with command line instructions to bring up a player and then incorporate scheduled event files to run those batch files and stop and restart Raduga.

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