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SHOUTcast plugin

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2015-01-24 21:46:58

SHOUTcast plugin

I need to send the 'upcoming song' and 'current song' to my shoutcast streaming server. I could not test this feature properly with the demo version as i understood i need to be a registered user before i can download the script.

Now i have purchased the full program and sent a request to the author for this script but have received no reply so far. I am getting tired of waiting and may have to cancel the order if they continue to ignore my request.

Wolfgang Loch

2015-01-25 17:34:17

Re: SHOUTcast plugin

Hi Kenny,

Unlike most Software vendors, I am sometimes also available on weekends. But I haven't received an e-mail from you. Would you mind re-sending it?

Regarding Shoutcast, the Raduga add-in can set the currently playing song, but not the next song. Is that even possible with Shoutcast? How will it be displayed in a player?

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