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Video problem

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Staffan Danielsson

2002-07-03 10:57:56

Video problem

I'm testing the possibility to use Raduga to schedule and play TV-transmissions for a local TV station (using the demo version for the moment). However I encounter a problem.

Every time the playlist advance to the next movie, there is about a second of black screen with a raduga window showing. Of course that is not desireable when the output is beeing broadcasted.

Is it possible to solve these problems in any way? If not, will it be solved in a future version of Raduga?

I run the movies in full screen mode, and I've tested both avi and mpeg1 formats.

Thanks in advance

Wolfgang Loch

2002-07-03 11:50:33

Re: Video problem

Raduga plays each video clip independently. Therefore there's no good workaround for the delay between clips. The best idea is to use a black desktop background and run Raduga in minimized state.

Raduga is currently used almost excusively for radio broadcast. I don't know how many people are interrested in using it for TV as well. I will try to improve the video functionality in a future version if the demand is growing.


2004-01-02 13:14:36

Re: Video problem

Count me as one demander.
For music there are several possibilities (starting Winamp for easy job), but for TV there aren't not much to choose. If Raduga will play videos in one screen and even without video effects, it would change the would for us.
Videoeffects (i.e overlap) will put lots of requirements for hardware, but for most users just playing videos in one screen will do the job.


2004-02-13 11:29:07

Re: Video problem

We are also very interested, especially as we are extremely happy with the stability of Raduga that we are using in many places playing 24H/365 days non-stop for the last two years without a single problem.

Please do come up with a seamless video transition solution as there is certainly a market for it.

This market is booming very rapidly because the prices of flat TV's (plasmas, LCD's) are becoming very affordable allowing for the first time thousands (millions worldwide) of small retail outlets to have to their own instore TV playout system playing scheduled stored ads and possibly in combination with scheduled off-air broadcasts.

What is out there today are "over-kills" for this booming market. We know this, as we have many video implementations in a lot of places as well.

Once Raduga comes out with a seamless video solution we will certainly be one of your first customers for such a solution.

Please consider the "little" extra development needed before it is too late as other basic solutions will eventually enter the market as the market demand grows.

Wolfgang Loch

2004-02-15 14:00:24

Re: Video problem

I plan to improve the video capabilities considerably in Raduga 4. Currently there is a beta version available that plays continous video including overlapping video between clips. Let me know if you are interested in beta testing.


2004-02-17 10:15:57

Re: Video problem

we from boschtion are very interested.
we need it to play mp2 video fils


2004-02-17 15:45:20

Re: Video problem

You said, that "Let me know if you are interested in beta testing." So, i'm eager to try. Is there finally coming the program that we can both use and afford...

makis mosxakis

2004-04-13 14:03:51

Re: Video problem

I am interested for the new beta version too. I used the demo version in Tv Station for broadcasting but the blank video is a problem. Maybe the beta version is good enough. Please let me know if there is a way to get the beta version for testing..

Makis Mosxakis

Wolfgang Loch

2004-04-13 21:40:14

Re: Video problem

Unfortunately the current beta version is still very instable and it's only available for registered customers. But I will notify you when it will be officialy released.

Vasilis Chondroyiannis

2004-04-16 16:35:18

Re: Video problem

I also tested demo raduga software since 3.0 version (for my local channel needs) but this second of black screen remaining!I report it to Wolfgang about 2 years ago.Sometimes one of the video cards (Fast av master) i tested it freeze the last frame.But after some hours the black screen appears again!Wolfgang i know many of local television channels in Greece that they want to automate their program.I want to test this beta version and i want to be dealer of your software here in Greece when it will be officialy released!

Vasilis Chondroyiannis

2004-04-21 01:19:54

Re: Video problem

Is there a possibility to register the basic edition of raduga so i can have the beta edition of raduga that plays continous video? I really want to try this software you are saying!

Hopeton Williams

2005-12-17 06:09:45

Re: Video problem

I manage a small cable channel and wanted to go automated, Iwas introduced to raduga by a friend who supplied me with a demo version. i tried it and it seems that thats the software i need. but i noticed it only plays on my desk top and wont output to my breakout box.

I'm Intrested in perchasing the software but i need to know if i need to get additional hardware or is there some settings that i need to configured to let it output to a videomixer.


2006-01-19 11:37:30

Re: Video problem

How do you play movie files then? do i need some extra software - im currently using the lastest version 3.7.8 and use it purely for radio broadcast but would be V interested to learn its tv playout capabilities...

Please tell me more.

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