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Keyboard shortcut for Play schedule

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Tony Graham

2015-04-30 15:33:52

Keyboard shortcut for Play schedule

After a BREAK I need queued items to play in the schedule first rather than defaulting to play the next playlist item. A shortcut key would be good or a software fix that defaults the desired effect from a single key such as Keystroke P, even better

Tony Graham

2015-10-22 13:35:43

Re: Keyboard shortcut for Play schedule

Solved the problem using x-keys USB macro switch interface. One button for Break and another for Play. For play I run macro keystrokes shift+P followed by P. This way if anything is in the schedule it plays out before defaulting to the playlist autoplay. No more mouse for radio presenters, no more mistakes. Using Raduga Radio latest version. Some earlier versions did not feature a keystroke for Play Schedule. Raduga screen now operates effectively as a console.

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