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raduga and windows 7 ?

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2016-02-25 09:16:25

raduga and windows 7 ?

hello Wolfgang and other people there,
wolfgang, we sent you some emails because we have problems with installing and making raduga work on windows 7. But you didn't answer our Emails...
Here is our problem (we just bought raduga 4.0.1):
We have a USB dongle with the software, and still, if I plug the dongle, raduga asks me for a code. With previous version on windows XP, raduga would work without asking any code when the dongle is inside.

After that, we tried to install raduga on windows XP (version 4.0.1) but raduga install say that the version of windows isn't good. (is raduga 4.0.1 installable on windows XP ??)

thank you for answering please, and tell us what we should do, maybe ask for an older version of raduga working on XP (will the dongle work then ?)

thank you

Pol (Radio BONHEUR , France)


2016-02-25 16:46:26

Re: raduga and windows 7 ?

raduga 4.01 dont load in xp you must emigrate to window 7


2016-02-27 20:28:43

Re: raduga and windows 7 ?

ok, I tought that..
also, I checked the box "notify me when I get a reply" on this message board, but I never get notification.
I hope wolfgang can answer to us...

Wolfgang Loch

2016-02-28 20:25:40

Re: raduga and windows 7 ?

Hi Pol,

Raduga 4 requires Windows Vista or higher.

If the dongle is not recognized, please use the Device Manager to if there is some problem with the device driver. The driver should be available via Windows Updates.


2016-03-03 10:32:33

Re: raduga and windows 7 ?

hi wolfgang, I would like to send you screen capture to see what's going on, maybe I do something wrong?
the dongle is recognized, in the device manager there is no problem, it's called "CBUSB ver 2.0"
but if I start raduga, it show a window for online of offline registration. maybe it's normal ? before, in previous version with other computer, this windows didn't show if we had the dongle inside.
What should I do ?

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