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currentsong.vbs makes raduga crash

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2016-03-02 08:16:22

currentsong.vbs makes raduga crash


we've had a problem this morning again with the script "currentsong.vbs" (it's not the first time). It happend from time to time, maybe 5 times a year, but it's weird.

Here's what happens : suddenly an error message (script error) displays and says :

c:\program files\wolosoft\raduga\addins\currentsong\currentsong.vbs(23) : error -2147023672


then a "ok" button

If we don't click the "ok" button, raduga will continue to play normaly.
if we click, raduga will fail, and close.
what is the problem with this currentsong script ?
Is it a problem with writing on the disk or something ?

thank you.

PS : wolfgang we sent you a few Emails, and you never answered, as your Email changed ?
now we need to send the question here, and we can't send screen capture here also...


2016-03-03 11:25:13

Re: currentsong.vbs makes raduga crash

oh, I realise I sent the same message a few month ago on this forum...

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