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How to play from console panel

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2016-06-24 06:26:40

How to play from console panel

I am wondering if anyone has come up with a reliable way to get Raduga to play when the on air button is pressed? Currently the announcer has to press on air on the channel & then start the playout by pressing play on Raduga.
Out other equipment such as CD's & cassette have been wired so that when=n the on air button on the console is pressed the device goes into play. Likewise the device stops when the announcer presses the off air button.
I am envisaging that there must be some software that will drive a relay output when the appropriate keyboard key is pressed in Raduga.
Any ideas would be appreciated.


2016-10-25 06:16:53

Re: How to play from console panel

I can't seem to start a new topic. Is there a problem with the system?

I wrote>

Is Raduga compatible with Windows 10? Are there any known problems with this operating system?

Would Windows 7 work better with Raduga or are they about the same regarding compatibility?

Thank you for your answer in advance! Joe B

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