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events on even/odd hours

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2002-08-02 06:13:41

events on even/odd hours

I want to play an mp3 every even hour and another one every odd hour.
I know how to play one every our but can the above be done?

Chuck Conrad

2002-08-05 07:16:52

Re: events on even/odd hours

Why don't you just put it in your "Events" schedule? You can make it play any time you want, as much as you want.


2002-08-06 05:06:01

Re: events on even/odd hours

That what I tried. Problem is that I can set one to play "every hour". But what if I want Raduga to play one every even and the other even odd our?

Bill Spry

2002-08-06 05:17:01

Re: events on even/odd hours

The only way that I can think of would be to drop both spots that you want to alternate into your master playlist window. Now choose File>Save As>.rotation (not the standard .alb). Now simply schedule this *.rotation file to run every hour. Each time Raduga runs this .rotation file it will alternate the two files that it contains.

Thus in the end you will acomplish just what you wanted!



2002-08-07 02:36:06

Re: events on even/odd hours

Heee great, this should work. I will try it. Thanks

Bob McNally

2002-08-17 08:05:16

Re: events on even/odd hours

Did it work Mike??

I will have to give it a try too.

Do you think it would work if I wanted to run the same programme on the first day of every month for example.?


2002-08-17 16:24:51

Re: events on even/odd hours

Uhm, the function is ok but it doesn't really do what I want. The rotation function only plays one after another, but if it's even or odd depends on what time you start it. If I want to play one at even hours and one on odd hours there has to be an OVER-RUL function that says: "play this schedule between d/m/y until d/m/y and repeat this every our/day/month after every regular scheduled setting". Ehh, or something.

Bob McNally

2002-08-18 01:10:37

Re: events on even/odd hours

Hmmmmm, all sounds a bit confusing to me!!!

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