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Announcing Raduga 3.5

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Wolfgang Loch

2001-10-15 14:18:27

Announcing Raduga 3.5

The release of Raduga 3.5 is scheduled for the 1st of November 2001. The new release adds significant improvements for unattented operation, including selection of random songs from a given directory and sequential playback of tracks from a predefined selection (aka rotations). The new Professional Edition includes a SDK (software developer kit) that programmers can use to create custom extensions (add-ins) for Raduga.

Raduga 3.5 will be available in 5 editions:

- Basic Edition (ideal for parties) - $ 149
- Live Assist Edition (ideal for mobile DJs) - $ 349
- Full Automation Edition (ideal for bars or stores) - $ 449
- Universal Radio Edition (for small radio stations) - $ 649
- Professional Radio Edition (extensible) - $ 999

Updgrade information:

- Customers who bought Raduga 3.1 on or after 2001-10-01 get a free update.
- Customers who bought Raduga 3.0 or 3.1 before 2001-10-01 get 50% discount.
- Customers who purchased Raduga 1.x or 2.x do not qualify for a discount.


2001-10-16 13:05:16

Re: Announcing Raduga 3.5

What wil be so different in this, Professional Radio Edition, version ?
I have see the ohterones. Is there a playlist-generator in it?
Is there a fade in & out without the ~ ? Please tell me more about this Pro. Radio Edition.

Wolfgang Loch

2001-10-16 14:22:36

Re: Announcing Raduga 3.5

The professional version does not include any new features over the Universal Radio Edition.
It includes a Software Developer Kit (SDK) and premium developer support.
The SDK allows programmers to build custom extensions for Raduga (add-ins) or alternate user interfaces (skins). The SDK consists of a help file and some simple examples. One example shows how to creates a HTML file that contains the previous, current and next song that is playling in Raduga.
The SDK requires programming skills in HTML and JScript, VBScript or Perl.

Juan carlos Vega

2001-10-29 17:12:04

Re: Announcing Raduga 3.5

Necesito saber las diferencias que traera el
raduga 3.5 en comparacion con el 3.1

Stephen F. Goffreda

2001-11-12 12:25:21

Re: Announcing Raduga 3.5

Will the Basic Edition of 3.5 handle fades? What will it not do that 3.1.x does do? Which new edition of 3.5 will be similar to 3.1.x? We are looking for something to simulate live radio at dances. The cart feature would be helpful as well as very minimal scheduling ability. We are impressed with the current demo, and are looking for something affordable for use at our middle school/public school dances for now. We'd like to do LPFM someday, but are waiting on the USA FCC.

Wolfgang Loch

2001-11-12 14:28:54

Re: Announcing Raduga 3.5

Yes, the Basic editionfeatures general and individual overlap. Furthermore it supports rotations and random tracks which were not available in version 3.1.
Raduga 3.5 Universal Radio edition is most similar to the full-features version 3.1.


2005-03-13 13:37:37

Re: Announcing Raduga 3.5

i need IT....how can send me the Install File..PLIS..!!!

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