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raduga bug/feature request

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2002-08-18 11:56:46

raduga bug/feature request

Hello, I want to request a feature that I think Raduga lacks. This could be
considered a bug.
When playing in random mode, the track that will be played next is not
I think Raduga is great but if you don't fix this, I won't buy it...

Chuck Conrad

2002-08-18 18:08:13

Re: raduga bug/feature request

Just put it in "Shuffle" mode instead of "Random." To get started, you should shuffle your play list a few times to get things in random order. Do this by clicking on "Play List" and then clicking on "Shuffle."

After that Raduga will play the entire list as you see it. It will display the next song. When it gets to the end of the list, it seamlessly shuffles the list again and plays the new version to the end. It will keep shuffling this way until you tell it to stop.

It works great this way.

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