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Raduga for linux

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Igor Apostolovic

2002-08-19 11:21:19

Raduga for linux

Do you plan to make raduga for linux.

Wolfgang Loch

2002-08-19 11:39:38

Re: Raduga for linux

There are no plans to port Raduga to Linux at this time.

Sinisa Markovic

2005-03-29 22:08:54

Raduga for linux

When are you plan to make Raduga for Linux if you
plan enywhere

Wolfgang Loch

2005-03-30 20:16:01

Re: Raduga for linux

I'm going to port Raduga to Linux as soon as Linux users get used to paying for software and the number of Linux installations is higher than the number of Widows PCs.

Chuck Conrad

2005-03-31 00:40:53

Re: Raduga for linux

That may be a long wait...


2005-03-31 19:50:19

Re: Raduga for linux

That's just the idea of open source software. It's free !
and better dan windows, believe me.

Linux en Windows Systemadministrator


Charlie @ MicsLive.com

2005-04-01 09:13:43

Re: Raduga for linux

I'm sure that the ethos of Linux and open-source is all very well-intentioned - But people like Wolfgang need to be able to walk into their supermarket and pay for their shopping, bills and life in general.

What's in it for him if he ports Raduga to Linux, gives out the source code. He's basically killed-off any hope of reinbursment. Then you'll have the "rogue" versions that he'll be asked about, everybody will have a different version and support will be even worse than it is now...

That's my cynical view!

Charlie @ MicsLive.com


2005-04-01 10:18:52

Re: Raduga for linux

nothing cynical about it Charlie - simply the truth.

A loved Wolfgangs comment - haven't laughed so well since a long time :-))

Volker (Sunshine Radio)

Jon Chauvie

2005-04-02 21:41:13

Re: Raduga for linux

I agree, Wolfgang puts a lot of hours into Raduga, he diserves to get paid


2005-04-03 00:10:58

Re: Raduga for linux

I agree totally why would you port it to linux and spoil it for all of us who have paid for it use it & support it, we even help wolfgang further develope the program through innovative ideas and personal requirements from the software.

The only thing linux users can give us is one major headache and bring raduga to it's knees.
Through the proliferation of countless hacked versions of this software. which wolfgang has had to spend a lot of time rewriting the source code to protect even further a program that had been hacked previously this time could've been spent on improving the program and we may just have had Raduga 4 by now.

paijo nylonong

2009-08-24 09:33:22

Re: Raduga for linux

kapan nih bisa di pasang di ubuntu, cos gua pakek ubuntu


2009-08-24 13:14:41

Re: Raduga for linux

I try the demo version on linux ubuntu 9.04 with Wine, and the result is definitly NO !

The installer run fine, but the program is very limited (no buttons, drag and drop don't work, time remaining don't work...).

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