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Green points

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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David Rodriguez

2002-10-15 14:55:19

Green points

Thanx you i found a distributor near! Now i have another Q. Ive seen the Raduga working. I have the free trial version on my computer. But in here i dont know how to create what i call the green points. Those are the ones that divide the groups of audio files in the Master Playlist. Ive seen them in use they divide diferent block of audio files and the one i saw the named them with the hour and the use and when they finished broadcasting one of those groups the program automatically stops on the green point. How can i do that???? WHere? Whats that???


2002-10-15 14:58:57

Re: Green points

OK now i know those are stop points

But i can program them only once?

and how i rename them??

Wolfgang Loch

2002-10-16 12:34:26

Re: Green points

To add a stop point to the playlist, choose the menu item Playlist | Add Stop Command. You can't rename them in Raduga, but you could rename them by editing the playlist with a text editor (Notepad).

To add a stop point to the schedule, enter ".stop" instead of a file name.

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