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db-audioware multiband limiter

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2002-11-07 11:45:34

db-audioware multiband limiter

Someone know how to set the db-audioware multiband limiter? So it sounds great ;-)))


2002-11-10 05:46:16

Re: db-audioware multiband limiter

I have some expirience with db multiband limites,so here is my advices.
Multiband limiter is 3 band sound emphaser with limit points.You can set hig,mid and bas freq.
It is simple to adjust, with low or hig buttons you can adjut the width of hig, mid and bass freq.
Set the low to 150Hz,and bas area of emphasis/limiting is from 20-150Hz
Set the hig to 10Khz, and hig freq area of emphasis/limiting is from 10-16Khz
Area between bass and hig is mid area.
Next step is band parametars:
Boost (setting the treshold): you choose the emphasis level one of 3area
Set the boost just like eq. (8db for bass, 0db for mid and 10db for hig)
Limit: with this button you adjust the point of limitting one of 3 band
Button boost and limit are in link relation so you just do nothing with limit button.
Decay is button for relase the limit time, greater number of decay means that limit processor will work smoth.
This cause compression effect( if you set decay on medium position) , you will hear all tracks on raduga with same out level.
Only problem is that you loss dinamic in your song, but...
When you adjust the parametars, first play the song in raduga and during the playing open db multi-limiter.
You can check effect of every parametar and hear the difference if you press the bypass (that mean disable boosted sound process ).
More help db online help

Vedran Majic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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