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Joystick or special Keyboard coming soon ???

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2002-12-26 09:24:16

Joystick or special Keyboard coming soon ???

Hello all,

I'm looking for a special joystick or for a keybord with shortcut to drive Raduga in best conditions, with a Play, a Stop, a Next key...

In fact, with a regular keyboards, it's possible, but it's very dangerous like in live, because it's easy to do a mistake... :( For exemple B and N are like same place on a regular keybord, but 2 very differents fonction in Raduga...

So in the past I remember, a special keyboards was available, is it again ?
Or maybe a special keyboards will be coming soon ?

Maybe some one have a solution to buy a keybord special for Raduga ?

We wait somes news !

Enjoy Raduga !!!!


2002-12-29 09:16:56

Re: Joystick or special Keyboard coming soon ???

you can take a normal keyboard and recoulor the keys with paint. We did it with an keyboard for Premiere videomontage from Adobe and it is working very well. And it is Cheap !!

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