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multiple commercial path

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Noel Roberts

2002-12-30 16:51:47

multiple commercial path

Hi Wolfgang

We are running both Raduga v3.5 and 3.6. We are looking at the opportunity of running one 'central' program of music etc and then triggering a number of other machines (possibly up to 6) to play 6 different commercial feeds. At the end of the break, the 6 machines would then rejoin the 'central' program.

We want to install all machines in one central location and feed out the 6 separate feeds (to different markets) via cable to a satellite uplink site.

My questions are ... Is Raduga capable of providing a pulse, tone or trigger of some sort, to activate the different commercial feeds?

Will we need to purchase another 6 copies of Raduga to handle just the commercial content for our different feeds?

Is all of this possible using Raduga or should we be looking at an alternative?

Thanks in anticipation.

Wolfgang Loch

2002-12-31 06:47:16

Re: multiple commercial path

If you use Raduga for the central program, you can embed script items (or bat or exe files) at the points within the program when commercials are due. The script can trigger another program, for example to generate a pulse event.

For the localized programs you can configure Raduga to re-broadcard the central program. Therefore you create a master playlist, which consist of a single live track, for example '3600.live'. The player mode is set to 'Repeat'. The live feed will be interruped by scheduled mini-playlist, which contain blocks of localized commerials. At the end of the commercial block, Raduga will switch back to the master playlist and continue to re-broadcast the central program.

However, if the commercials are not scheduled at a fixed time, but depend on the central program, then Raduga cannot automatically detect them. For this purpose a customized solution would have to be programmed using the Raduga developer kit (Raduga SDK).

And yes, you will need one license for each instance of Raduga that you are running. However, you won't need the Universal edition for each one and you may get discounts if you purchase multiple licenses.

Noel Roberts

2003-06-30 20:38:02

Re: multiple commercial path

Hi Wolfgang

I am revisiting this message as we are getting closer to setting up the system as I outlined in my original message.

I understand the points you made in your reply but I feel I didn't explain what we want to do, well enough.

We will be using Raduga in Announcer Assist mode for playing music, information segments etc but when we play commercials we need to send different commercials from different computers each running Raduga. This part is easy.

The audio from the main Raduga console is combined with the audio from each of the other machines and the signal is then sent via different paths to our satellite uplink site.

While the commercials are playing the main Raduga machine is idle waiting a pre-determined period until recommencing the broadcast (when the commercials are finished - probably a 2 minute block).

While we have an announcer sitting at the console it is easy to start the commercial machines as we just use an external program or something that will trigger a relay closure or similar. But we don't want to rely on having announcers sitting at the console to trigger every commercial event.

I understand that we can run a .EXE or batch file by scheduling an event - but it really is impractical sceduling events for every commercial break every day. It would be perfect if we could include a .EXE or .BAT file in the main album file but our experiments have proven that this isn't possible. :(

So unless I've missed something, is our only alternative the Developer Kit?

I would appreciate any advice you might have.

Wolfgang Loch

2003-06-30 23:43:02

Re: multiple commercial path

Actually you can run an .exe or .bat program from the master playlist. But by default Raduga will not allow you to add these files to the list. You can add all files to the playlist when "Accept media files only" is disabled in the "General" options page.

Noel Roberts

2003-06-30 23:46:20

Re: multiple commercial path

You are a lifesaver!! Many thanks for the assistance.

Richard Collins

2003-10-23 07:03:45

Re: multiple commercial path

For a similar situation to this, using Raduga would it be possible to output a simple command to the serial port from a playlist (to control an event on an external device)?

Charlie Davy

2003-10-23 13:32:01

Re: multiple commercial path

You could always wire up a GAME PORT "start" button that is wired to the other 6 machines...

You can set it up so that you have a "local" start (just the 1 machine) and also a "network start" that means 1 button also starts Raduga via each GAME Port...

I think that's a way of doing it, and you'll need some soldering experience !

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