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version 2.0

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2003-01-15 09:24:00

version 2.0

i keep getting a error when i load my play list it says contains an invalid path when i click ok it starts to play anyone know what is wrong

Lou Gentile

2003-02-16 12:03:04

Re: version 2.0

the song you are trying to play has an invalid path in it. I have run into this before. Just clear our the playlist and start from scratch. If it is a big playlist then you will have to validate that all the files are there. This can get really weird but you would be amazed how many times I have erased files on the harddrive and they are included in the playlist. Luckily, they were small playlists :) Hope this helps...

Lou Gentile

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