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raduga won't work

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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2003-01-15 13:42:49

raduga won't work

Somebody Help! Just installed raduga on win2000 pro machine with 2 soundcards: SB Live and ESS. I use SB for playback, but Raduga 3,5 and 3,6 won't work. It skips by overlapping and crashes regualy. I heard so many positive things about Raduga, but I can't share them.
Before I used BPM Studio and MBL4, it's worked fine. Please Help
P.S. Sorry for my bad english

Wolfgang Loch

2003-01-16 15:01:27

Re: Problems with overlaps

When you have problems with overlaps, then your machine probably uses the wrong MP3 decoder. You can use the DSPlay tool (http://www.wolosoft.com/files/DSPlay.zip)
to find out which codecs are used by Raduga. The list of filters should be similar to the included screenshot.

Try to remove the application which installed the codec or assign the codec a lower priority.


2003-02-21 22:05:47


Dear Sir,
The old version of Raduga software, the basic crossfade system ( overlap ) detecting time in second, is the new version same with vertion 3.1
May I know the price of new vertion only for player
Your attention is highly appreciate

Best Regards

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