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Playlist scheduling question

Posted on: Raduga (English)

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Chuck Conrad

2003-01-19 11:25:51

Playlist scheduling question

I want to break from my normal play-list for two hours every day. I know I can do this by inserting the secondary play-list in the scheduler, and then scheduling the primary play-list to start at the give out time. For instance, the secondary play-list is scheduled to start at 6 PM. The primary play-list is then scheduled for 8 PM.

This works fine, but there is a hitch. To keep the station sounding interesting, I like to run the play-list in the “shuffle” mode. Unfortunately, when Raduga returns to the Primary play-list, it shuffles all the songs and starts at the first song in the list. I can live with it, but I don’t really like it. I’d like it to resume in the primary play list from the point it left. Any suggestions other than “Don’t run it in the “Shuffle” mode?

Al Stewart

2003-01-24 12:07:19

Re: Playlist scheduling question

Check the help file for the stop and play commands. This, I think, will do what you want to do at scheduled times.


Peter van Ingen

2003-01-25 05:14:26

Re: Playlist scheduling question

If you usehe Rotations to built your playlist, than your problem is solved.

We start a new playlist every hour and with the rotations we built our format. Works perfectly fine.

I used to have the same problem as you with the previous version, but with 3.5 (and 3.6) your problems are solved!



Chuck Conrad

2003-01-26 08:39:55

Re: Playlist scheduling question

Currently, I am using the rotations to make up the two hour program block. The problem is when it gets finished, it returns to the Primary Playlist, starting at the first song on the list. I'd like it to return to wherever it left off on the Primary Playlist.

Of course, I could do a different rotation for every hour of the day which certainly would give lots of flexibility, but I was looking for a simpler/easier approach.

Peter van Ingen

2003-01-30 03:54:27

Re: Playlist scheduling question

Why don't you only use rotations.

For example: For everu hour I use the following playlist:

start at .59.54 Newsstart
start at .00.00 News Input (Line In)
start at .02.00 Commercials rotation
start at .05.00 New playlist with only musicrotations.

And then I use musicrotations with different type of songs. Every hour has to be built once and in your schedular you have to programm once on which hour you want a particukar playlist.

It is a little bit work, but than you have no problems with changing your format on different hours.

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