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Chuck Conrad

2003-01-19 11:43:21


It would be very handy if there were a bit more control in the Scheduler that is included with Raduga. I know I can spend more money and get your expanded version, but I think it is over-kill for most of us.

What I’d really like to see is a way to limit the hours of a repetitive event. For instance, spots can currently be scheduled to run once an hour or once a day, and you can limit them to play only on selected days of the week. That’s helpful, but it would be better if there were additional easy to set up default variables, like every other hour, or “between the hour of XX:00 and XX:00."

As it works out, there are some events like jingles, liners or spots that you want to air multiple times during the day, but not 24 hours EVERY day. I know you can schedule the same event to run as much or as little as you want by entering individual time and date settings for each time it is to be played, but that is a very awkward procedure, especially for things that repeat a lot, like jingles and liners. You quickly get a huge events list that gets very hard to manage.

Just a thought for a future version.

Ashley Kenneth Allen

2003-01-29 19:09:19

Re: Suggestion

I totally agree with this. That would be a great thing. Right now I run my PSA's on a rotation file and schedule the rotation file, but somtimes you don't want to have to even play that every hour.

Chuck Conrad

2003-01-30 09:38:10

Re: Suggestion

Ashley makes a very good example. We run PSA's in a rotation near the half hour. It would be nice to kill this rotation at specific times, for instance during the late night.

News of the local church bake sale just doesn't sound very appropriate at 1:30 PM.

Chuck Conrad

2003-01-30 16:48:45

Re: Suggestion

Oops! I meant 1:30 AM! I guess you figured that out.

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